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A Guide To Our Private Treatments

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5th May 2020

A Guide To Our Private Treatments

Over the years, we’ve become well-known in and around Nottingham for our range of dental treatments, with many available both privately and on the NHS. However, for those seeking cosmetic procedures, the NHS doesn’t usually support with costs – so private is your best option.

Our private cosmetic treatments are designed to help you get the most out of your smile, enhancing what you have, while fixing and helping disguise any problems along the way. From options to restore teeth to improvements to your natural smile, there’s lots we can do to bring that sparkle back.

Teeth whitening

Arguably, one of the most effective treatments for giving you a fast result with ‘wow’  impact, teeth whitening can take your smile several shades whiter and give you a fresher, younger-looking appearance. We do recommend the teeth are cleaned by our hygienist ahead of treatment, so you can get the best results possible. Once whitened, take care of staining foods and drinks and watch out for any signs of sensitivity. While this isn’t commonly reported following our teeth whitening treatment, it may occur – though if it does, in most cases, it passes quickly.

Dental implants

Whether you have one missing tooth or several, you don’t have to miss out on smiling, eating those favourite foods and looking ‘aged’. With dental implants, we can fill those gaps with a realistic-looking false tooth that suits the rest of your smile. If suitable, we’ll insert the artificial root into your gum, then add the cap ‘tooth’ part when healed over – and can even give you a temporary crown while this is happening.  Our dental implants in Nottingham can have oral health benefits too, as they could prevent bone loss in the jaw.

Quick Straight Teeth adult braces

Many of our patients want to straighten their smile quickly and comfortably. Our Quick Straight Teeth adult braces offer a choice between removable aligners or tooth-coloured fixed brackets, both of which gently guide your teeth into their new positions over a period of months. Whatever you choose, these adult braces are made for your smile and offer a discreet treatment, as they are clear or tooth-coloured. You’ll also be given aftercare instructions and a set of retainers when you’ve completed your treatment.

Get in touch

Whether you’re looking to restore your smile with dental implants, straighten it out with adult braces or give it a lift with teeth whitening, our dental practice here in Long Eaton, Nottingham can help. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.

Affordable private dental care for the whole family.

We are proud to provide exceptional patient care in a warm and friendly environment.

Private dentistry offers you:

  • access to wider range of treatment options
  • shorter waiting times for treatment
  • appointments at times to suit you
  • 0% finance available*

Adult check-ups from just £45 | Child check-ups from £25 | Free check-ups for under 5s with a private adult check-up.

Speak to our friendly reception team or call to book your appointment.