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Invisible braces FAQs

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6th April 2020

Invisible braces FAQs

Here at AJ Moore Dental Practice, based in Long Eaton, Nottingham, we’ve seen how teeth straightening has improved not only our patients’ smiles, but their self-confidence, too. In fact, when it comes to things like bite problems, or issues with the spacing of your teeth, adult braces are your best treatment option. Over the years, we’ve successfully treated a range of smiles with Quick Straight Teeth adult braces. Could you be next? Read on to find out the answers to some commonly asked questions about fantastic invisible braces treatment.

How do the braces work?

There are two types of adult braces treatment available with Quick Straight Teeth. The first is the more traditional route, which offers wires and brackets, but these are tooth-coloured – so they blend more easily into your smile. The other option is with removable trays (aligners), which fit over your natural teeth and guide them into position over time. Whichever treatment you choose, you’ll have regular appointments with our dentists here at our dental practice in Long Eaton to make sure you’re progressing as you should. You’ll also receive a set of retainers, a kind of clear brace, to wear at night following your treatment, which will help keep your smile straight.

What does treatment involve?

First, you’ll attend a consultation with one of our dentists in Nottingham. We’ll be able to get an idea of your oral health and the level of treatment you’ll need. Providing you’re suitable, you’ll then have a second appointment, where your clear braces will be custom-made for, and fitted to, your smile. Finally, you’ll be given an aftercare plan and retainers to wear at the end of treatment.

Does the treatment hurt?

No – though if you choose to have trays, when you change them, you may experience some mild discomfort. This is because the correction can leave a sensation of pressure on your teeth. However, both types of Quick Straight Teeth treatment have been found to feel more comfortable – even with the fixed clear brace option, these gently guide your teeth into position rather than pull them.

What are the benefits?

There are several. First and foremost, Quick Straight Teeth are known as invisible braces – they’re so transparent that even the most self-conscious can rest assured that others will probably not notice their braces. Second, the treatment is gentle, which means you’ll feel little, if any, discomfort throughout the process. Finally and best of all, some patients see results in just 6 months – though this depends on the level of treatment you’ll need.

How do I book my invisible braces treatment?

If you’re interested in invisible braces with AJ Moore Dental Practice, based in Long Eaton, Nottingham, then get in touch with our dental team today and we’ll get an appointment booked for you. Our dedicated dentists are warm and friendly, and highly experienced. Visit our contact page to get started, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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