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Tooth Implant FAQs

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20th December 2020

Tooth Implant FAQs

When it comes to our dental health, we only want the very best care and attention. After all, we’re all looking for a smile that appears both attractive and looked-after.  In this post, our expert private dentists here at AJ Moore, near Nottingham, talk through some commonly asked questions around our tooth implant treatment – including how it can boost your appearance while having some positive benefits for your dental health.

What are tooth implants?

Think of them as being a permanently fixed, false tooth. Gone are the days of plastic-looking replacements that slip and slide in your mouth – dental implants actually fuse to your jaw bone, just like a real tooth, and are surprisingly realistic.

What are tooth implants made of?

All types of dental implant have more than one part. The root is made from solid, bio-compatible titanium, while the crown is usually porcelain. In most cases, the patient will have the root placed first and, once healed, the crown fixed in place. 

How long do tooth implants last?

They should last as long as your natural teeth. However, be warned that they need looking after in the same way your natural teeth do – brushing, flossing and check-ups will still be important. 

What are the health benefits of having tooth implants?

Dental implants can help retain the underlying bone and gum, preventing future tooth loss. Although it’s not a health benefit necessarily, they can also improve your bite and chew and prevent problems with this in the future. 

What other benefits are there?

The treatment helps to restore your smile and can make you appear more youthful – this is especially the case in patients who are missing several teeth, which has resulted in a sunken appearance around the mouth.

What if I have multiple missing teeth?

The technology around dental implants is improving all the time, and not only is it possible to replace an individual tooth, but it’s also possible to replace all the teeth (through an implant-retained denture, which uses fewer root parts in the mouth). There are also implant-retained bridges, which work in a similar way to traditional bridgework, and use the implants as anchors for the false teeth to fit in place. 

Can I get tooth implants on the NHS?

Not usually – most are only available through private dentists, such as ourselves. NHS dental implants, are often only provided to patients if they have had mouth cancer or trauma which has damaged their face or teeth. 

How do I book my tooth implant treatment?

Simply get in touch with our private dentists, based near Nottingham. 

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