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Tips For Keeping Adult Braces Clear

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21st November 2020

Tips For Keeping Adult Braces Clear

Congratulations! We’re so pleased you’ve chosen to have clear braces with our Long Eaton dental practice. We love to help our patients on their journey to straighter teeth, including tips for looking after their braces. In this post, we’ll focus on keeping them lovely and clear–so you can enjoy your treatment discreetly.

Of course, we know there’s a chance you’ve come across this article in a quest to learn more about clear braces in general–whether a teenager or an adult. Well, we’ve lots of helpful advice we can share with you, and have written this post with you in mind, too! Read on…

1. Remove when eating

Food and drink can stain your lovely clear braces, so always ensure to remove them when snacking, eating meals, and drinking anything other than water. Tea and coffee are some of the worst offenders for staining, as are fizzy drinks like cola.On a separate note, eating anything (or chewing gum) with your adult braces in can also lead to them cracking or breaking, so it’s not a good idea in general!

2. Stop smoking

Smoking is staining on teeth, so it follows that they can stain your adult braces, too. We recommend quitting smoking for oral health reasons (smoking can disrupt wound healing following dental treatments, can cause gum disease, and is a leading cause of oral cancer), but it’s also another staining factor that can yellow your clear braces and make them more obvious during treatment.

3. Clean daily

Adult braces need to be worn for most of the day(at least 20 hours, in fact), but there’s a small window where you can rinse them and use a small, gentle brush–such as a thistle brush–to remove any food debris and bacteria. Any build-up of food debris and bacteria can discolour them–although this risk is kept to a minimum through removing them when you eat and drink. Ensure you brush your adult braces(and your teeth) whenever you eat, too, to ensure no food or bacteria get stuck inside and cause damage to teeth, or staining to the braces.

What to do if your clear braces stain

For any brace problems, get in touch with our expert dentists here in Long Eaton straight away, and we’ll do our best to help. Of course, if you haven’t yet started your journey to straight teeth, we can help there too! Simply visit our contact page for details.

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