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Top Things We Love About Teeth Whitening

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19th September 2020

Top Things We Love About Teeth Whitening

We love giving our wonderful patients smile makeovers – and there are few things as satisfying as unveiling pearly white teeth! In this post, we’ll go focus on our teeth whitening treatment and talk about the top reasons why we love this simple, powerful and long-lasting aspect of cosmetic dentistry.

A versatile treatment

When people think of teeth whitening, some of them picture the overly-white, classic Hollywood smile (which, lately, has got a reputation for coming across as looking ‘fake’ or ‘dramatic’).

But, increasingly, we’re seeing patients asking for a more natural result that gives that subtle boost without being obvious you’ve undergone treatment. In other words, teeth whitening can be as versatile and unique as you are!

Easy to carry out

Because we offer an at-home treatment (following an in-practice measure-up to ensure we get your teeth whitening trays to be a perfect fit), our patients love the flexibility that teeth whitening affords. This means it can really fit around you and your lifestyle – as long as you carry out the recommended number of treatments and for the right time in the right conditions, you’ll get the results you deserve.

A reason to celebrate

Lots of our clients opt for teeth whitening when a special event, such as wedding, comes up. With successful treatment, you’ll have a boost to your confidence too, giving you all the more reason to celebrate!

Instantly anti-ageing

It’s incredible to think that slight dullness or staining can age our smiles – and our faces, too. Brightening even by a few shades can work wonders on your appearance, giving you a more youthful look.

What’s more, some clients also opt for aesthetic or beauty treatments to boost their results, and the two can go hand-in-hand in helping turn back the clock on your appearance.

Great value

Teeth whitening may only need to be done once in your lifetime – and there’s no need for more invasive and expensive works like veneers or crowns, when lifting your smile in this way. This makes it such great value – and what’s more, you’ll have our support and expertise along the way.  

Book now!

We’re proud to say that our teeth whitening treatment has only grown in demand over the years. Its increasing popularity is just one more reason to book at our dental practice near Nottingham, so if you haven’t already, click the link to secure your consultation today.