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All About Invisible braces

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14th October 2020

All About Invisible braces

Why should I choose invisible braces?

The invisible brace can be tooth-coloured, which may give you a more discreet look when wearing the braces, so you can keep smiling and maintain your confidence. The invisible brace helps to provide minimal discomfort to the patient by slowly guiding the teeth to the correct position.

How long will I have to wear the invisible braces?

All teeth are different; therefore, every pair of invisible braces will have a different duration. Our clinic in Long Eaton offers a quick straight teeth orthodontic treatment to reduce the time the invisible braces need to be worn. At our dental practice in Long Eaton, our orthodontist will update and inform you on how long you need the braces on for, and how your teeth have been changing during treatment.

What are the benefits to having invisible braces?

1) Invisible braces can straighten all your teeth, giving you an improved and healthier-looking smile.

2) With the quick straight teeth treatment, you could get noticeable results within 6 months.

3) The invisible braces may be tooth-coloured, which makes them a little more discreet than regular metal braces.

Do I have to wear a retainer afterwards?

Yes! With all orthodontic treatments, it will help to wear a retainer afterwards. The times can vary for different individuals; usually, the more your teeth move with the braces on, the longer you may have to wear the retainer. It is vital that you wear your retainers after your invisible braces are taken off, otherwise your teeth could move back. The minimum time is usually 12 months, but your orthodontist can give you more information on how often you should wear them and how long for.

Can adults wear them?

Of course! Braces can be for everyone. A lot of adults are against wearing braces; however, the end result can be worth it. With the invisible brace, it can take away some of the embarrassment – they’re a little harder to notice, so you can keep feeling confident.

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